Unfair dismissal problem question

Sacking an employee is a serious matter.

Unfair dismissal problem question

September 3, January 15, nine-year anniversary I updated my personal letter directly to the tribal members of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation: You and your children continue to receive unjust enrichment at the expense of my royalty retirement income and my family members for Sycuan's continuing unauthorized use and release of my copyrighted photography from Sycuan's illegitimate digital archive of my commercial photography.

This opinion is pointless for anyone to argue otherwise or to somehow rationalize in their minds that I am the Bad Guy here and punish me for speaking up for myself considering my crystal clear contract terms and documentation and Sycuan's subsequent unauthorized media releases of my intellectual property January 15, eight-year anniversary Seeing my copyrighted photos being used illegitimately in recent Sycuan TV commercials and Emmy Award winning tribal documentary projects is disheartening because it only continues to cheat me and my family out of my hard-earned royalty income and professional legacy, in my opinion.

If ignorance is the excuse, then this complaint documents a clear and convincing pattern of Sycuan's professional employees and vendors flagrantly breeching our agreements and assimilating my copyrighted photography into Sycuan's own historical digital archives in ways that no one at Sycuan can no longer distinguish my intellectual property from Sycuan's.

Sycuan Tribal Council members were formally made aware of the problem eight years ago through this detailed complaint, and yet they are apparently still condoning this alleged unethical behavior at the expense of me and my family.

I'm all for moving forward, but if I don't stand up for myself Unfair dismissal problem question ask Sycuan Tribal Council members for a response to my complaint, who will? Chairman Tucker still has not responded to my personal business letters requesting closure, and my high-stakes Sycuan contract problems remain unresolved and accruing.

That includes providing a work environment where employees and contractors can air valid grievances without fear of, God forbid, immediate retaliation and unfairly losing their livelihood and retirement equity under any similar circumstances. Pictured at the year peak of my Sycuan career I worked for Sycuan With the newly established Sycuan Tribal Court, El Cajon, CA, hopefully non-Indians may now have a fair forum to resolve their grievances under Sycuan's tribal laws and judicial system.

Concerned like me, I am still trying to get over it. The truth about my predicament with the Sycuan tribal leadership Unfair dismissal problem question And there's not much I can do about it legally as a non-Indian if the Sycuan Tribal Government throws out my business contracts and federal copyright laws and claims sovereign tribal immunity to cheat me out of my substantial royalty income and my year retirement equity.

And I did agree to accept Sycuan's price Dec. Can anyone expect me to just quietly walk away from this and leave 20 years of my valuable contract equity in limbo at Sycuan? That equity includes clear contractual rights, copyright, to some 30, film negatives, 20, digital photographs, at least seven video movie DVDstwo websites gehotshots.

That Sycuan investment does NOT include an additional 4, personal free hours I spent creating the kumeyaay. The problems Sycuan employees and their vendors created when they began separating my Studio and copyright notices and licensing agreements from hundreds of my commercial photographs and digitally archiving them is: Sycuan can no longer distinguish my property from theirs.

Moreover, it is impossible for Sycuan to unwind these damages because my unlabeled, altered images surely span the hard drives, backups, servers and redundant digital archives of many users and companies due to how Sycuan employees mismanaged my image bank. Sycuan employees and their vendors negligence has not only deprived me of substantial income royalties over the past decade and evaporated my 20 years of Sycuan retirement equity, it is also substantially degrading my historical legacy for all time.

Further, if I do not resolve the problems now, it will also deprive three generations of my legal heirs of valuable royalty income and control of my legacy for 70 years after my death until my copyrights legally expire.

My Sycuan contract terms could not be more clear in support of my argument read the contract terms, I ALLEGE a new executive casino management team came to Sycuan Casino in and immediately began breaching my previous 11 years of Sycuan contracts that resulted in the unauthorized assimilation of my intellectual property into theirs read my first written notice to the Casino Executive, a tribal member and their vendor's CEO protesting this negligent behavior, I produced the Kumeyaay Nation map on my own free time and it was never billed under a Sycuan project.

With the facts in hand read the contract, Sign me out for now as: If my business and good reputation in the community must be destroyed over this, how sad, but this writing is for my family because I did not bring my family talents and family work ethic to Sycuan, and work my butt off for 20 years for the Sycuan people, to have my career and property taken from me under unlawful, unjust, unfair or unethical circumstances.

It's a true horror story in the workplace because here I am 1,plus days later still trapped in Sycuan's nightmare grievance process trying to finish my business with a former trusted business partner who apparently doesn't want to talk anymore about their unauthorized digital archive of my copyrighted commercial property or the mounting unpaid royalties on my professional photography and creative work.

Including Regulation 10 of the Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations 1999

The ring of truth: It appears to me the most logical theory that would explain Sycuan's harsh reaction is Sycuan's leadership terminated my creative services on the reservation to make an example out of me first for bringing my complaint against their casino employees, and then again for not accepting the Sycuan Tribal Council's financial offer to settle my complaint on Sycuan's price and Sycuan's vague terms read Sycuan's offer.

And anyone who hears rumors otherwise will hopefully take a moment's pause and read one minute into my Sycuan complaint summary before judging me a troublemaker or discrediting my good name in the community because the evidence shows all I did to trigger Sycuan's punishing response was respectfully ask a Sycuan employee for an explanation read my request when it appeared he digitally erased my Studio credit and legal copyright notices off my unlicensed commercial art againand was printing it into Sycuan posters againand depriving me of royalty income again: To Sycuan tribal leadership: A "fair price" to compensate me for the severe problems your employees' gross negligence ultimately caused to my business, including legitimate rights to digitally archive and use my Sycuan pictures, has little to do with how much money Sycuan employees got paid in severance packages when their contracts were terminated early because I was an independent contractor and I legally own "sole and exclusive" rights, copyright, to my 50, or so Sycuan photographs, plus the Goodwill of that work I developed in my brands.

To my family who are non-Indians and unfamiliar with tribal culture so you may better understand what happened and why: I can't see myself becoming a bitter old man and walking the Earth wearing an "I got screwed T-shirt" because I did not have the self esteem to stand up for myself and respectfully ask a casino manager for an explanation or a tribal chairman for closure.

File a grand lawsuit in U. But what I want you to understand best: I could not be more proud of the mountain ranges of creative work I produced under and around my Sycuan contracts, or the high ethical and professional standards I brought to Sycuan over my 20 years of loyal service to the Sycuan people.Wrongful Dismissal Database Online is used by lawyers, human resources managers, employers or employees to determine the appropriate severance offer (the number of weeks' pay owed.

Mar 03,  · Unfair Dismissal Question Discussion in 'Legal' started by katelauren, Feb 27, if I win my case of unfair dismissal, does this mean that my record is wiped clean and that I should never have to declare that I was dismissed from a job?

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Unfair dismissal problem question

November 2 - Much has been said recently by the Government about how its current package of intended employment law reforms will help create a climate in which it will be easier for employers to dismiss under-performing staff. The Government argues that this will give businesses - especially. Jan 11,  · The following is a complete transcript of a news conference that President-elect Donald J.

Unfair dismissal problem question

Trump held in New York on Wednesday, as prepared by . Manager’s dismissal due to employee pressure- While the question whether it was fair for an employer to dismiss an employee in response to a demand from a third party depended on the circumstances, certain principles had to be taken into account.

Feb 09,  · My question is, i have emailed HR stating i think its unfair to end probation due to my absences when there related to my disability.

HR is aware and arranged occupational health appointment to confirm disability.

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