The importance of having a dad around while growing up

Susannah grew up with a bipolar mother. This is a story of trauma and resilience.

The importance of having a dad around while growing up

They are very often the ones that provide the meals, they do the washing, clean the house and somehow some even manage to hold down a job. How is that even possible? The family dynamics are so widespread in the 21st Century. From same-sex couples, single-parent families and step parent families.

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Anyone can lay down and make the baby. What I mean is, the male role model that the children look up to. They are very often overlooked and downgraded. They are stigmatised as being emotionless and the disciplinarian.

The importance of having a dad around while growing up

Maybe this is down to more mums going back to work after having children. I am very lucky. I am not with my eldests dad but I am with my other sons dad so I can see the coin from two sides.

I have also been a single mum in the time between separating with Koreys dad and meeting my partner. My eldest looks forward to seeing his dad and will spend one week twice a year with his dad to spend solid time with his dad during holidays between school. But why are they so important?

I have done some research and picked out a few points that I found most compelling: For balance- children who have more than one parent will get different opinions and view points on life. Having parents with different strengths help children to grow more rounded.

The importance of having a dad around while growing up

To understand men and the role a man plays within the family- children only learn about men by being around men. This can be anything from the tendencies to provide and protect the family to hugging the children and doing the housework. Children who have good relationships tend to become more stable as adults and well rounded with their own spouses and children as they grow.

Missing something, feeling nothing but rejection.While the glorification of single motherhood in America continues to pave the way for the destruction of Western Civilization, the importance of fathers is only recently being acknowledged in both the political and social arena.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Chores help kids learn life skills, responsibility and give them a sense of pride for contributing to their family.

Printable Chore Chart included. There is a growing split taking place among American fathers today.

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On the one hand, more and more children are growing up without a dad in their lives. Elected governments are false fronts coordinated by a global shadow government. A still underappreciated fact in Washington is that too many children are being raised without two parents.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s “Key Indicators of Child Well-Being ,” extrapolating from the Census Bureau’s American Community survey, shows 68% of the District’s children are being raised in families headed by a single parent.

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