The dial up scripting command language

I have a number of virtual machines that have optional features that they do not need, such as Windows Media Player. In fact, the virtual machines are set up with no audio, so having Windows Media Player is sort of a waste.

The dial up scripting command language

Minicom passes three special environment variables: See the description of 'send' above.

The dial up scripting command language

Declares a label with the name 'label' to use with goto or gosub. When the statement 'return' is encountered, control returns to the statement after the gosub.

RAS, or how to start a dial-up network connection

Gosub's can be nested. By default, 'runscript' will exit after seconds. This can be changed with this command. That means that anything that is being read from the modem by 'runscript', gets echoed to the screen.

The dial up scripting command language

This is so that you can see what 'runscript' is doing. Expect keeps reading from the input until it reads a pattern that matches one of the specified ones. If expect encounters an optional statement after that pattern, it will execute it.

Otherwise the default is to just break out of the expect. Normally, expect will timeout in 60 seconds and just exit, but this can be changed with the timeout command.

This is normally only useful as argument to 'timeout' within an expect, because the default action of timeout is to exit immediately. When that scriptfile finishes without errors, the original script will continue. Notes If you want to make your script to exit minicom for example when you use minicom to dial up your ISP, and then start a ppp or slip session from a scripttry the command "!

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The -9 option should prevent minicom from hanging up the line and resetting the modem before exiting. Well, I don't think this is enough information to make you an experienced 'programmer' in 'runscript', but together with the examples it shouldn't be too hard to write some useful script files.

The minicom source code comes together with two example scripts, scriptdemo and unixlogin. Especially the last one is a good base to build on for your own scripts.Scripting > Internet > Dial-Up Networking If Dial-Up Connection Successful The If Dial-up Connection Successful feature allows you to test to see if your dial-up networking attempt was successful or not.

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If the problem is that a command or program described doesn’t exist in a given distribution, it is generally possible to download a copy of that program from a Web site, if needed.

Windows PowerShell (POSH) is a command-line shell and associated scripting language created by Microsoft. Offering full access to COM, WMI, POSH is a full-featured task automation framework for distributed Microsoft platforms and solutions. The most popular scripting language in the FreeSWITCH community, by a large margin, is Lua.

Obviously, this has many benefits, such as a lot of easily accessible examples, and so on.

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If you are in any doubt about which language to use, use Lua. This article describes how to write XML-based programmable scripts such as for W3C's VoiceXML or Twilio's TwiML using Tcl, the Tool Command Language.

Jun 22,  · There is no clearly defined difference between a scripting language and a programming language, but the most refer to scripting languages as languages that are usually interpreted while programming languages are compiled.

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