The car salesman

A car salesman is responsible for showing and selling automobiles to people who visit a car dealership. They work for automobile dealerships that specialize in specific brands and models of cars and will use their persuasive skills to sell. What does a Car Salesman do?

The car salesman

September 14, iStock Tour directors get paid to travel the world, dine at incredible restaurants, and sleep in comfy hotel beds. Some would even describe the work as exhausting, both physically and mentally.

Kimberly Fields-McArthur, an American tour director based in Australia, has a degree in biblical studies and archaeology, and Anne Marie Brooks, a former tour director turned cruise ship worker in Orlando, has a background in musical theater.

More important than education or training: Tour directors must be highly organized, adept at speaking in front of large groups, and people-oriented. While they might get to spend the night in a nice hotel, the sleep of a tour director is often interrupted.

Brooks, who used to lead city tours for high school performance groups, recalled a time when a large group of rowdy, drunk men stayed on the same floor of a hotel as the girls in her group.

Although she was staying on a different floor, she received word around 3 a. No other rooms were available, but the hotel agreed to hire a security guard to sit in the hallway for the duration of their stay. Thompson Cullin and Brooks say they walk so much they burn through three or four pairs of sneakers per year.

Suitcases tend to be another casualty of the job. Tour directors have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Do You Really Want to Be a Car Salesman

So educating herself about potential disasters—and how to deal with them—is part of her pre-trip research.

Things can go wrong with the guests, too. A misspelled name could result in the hotel not having any record of a plus person reservation—this once happened to Thompson Cullin—and businesses often forget that large groups are scheduled to come in on any given day.

The car salesman

One time, a restaurant she took her group to was understaffed, so she stepped in, grabbed a pitcher of soda and plates of food, and started refilling their glasses and serving them—all while playing it off like she was merely mingling with the group.

The job is hard work, but tour directors never let it show.

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Fortunately, Thompson Cullin was able to fix the hotel reservation error before her guests ever found out about it. While guests do get separated from the group from time to time, tour directors do their best to avoid it. In addition to holding a flag or umbrella at the front of the line to help guests find their way, they have another trick up their sleeve: Thompson Cullin said part of her job involves playing mediator and preventing disagreements from escalating.

When tensions reached a boiling point, one woman raised her arm to hit the other, but Thompson Cullin arrived in the nick of time. However, Fields-McArthur says many U. For directors in the former camp, tips are essential.

The car salesman

They usually include tipping guidelines. Tour directors see a steady stream of fascinating people from around the world. She thought he was joking at first. Sure, they may get sick of certain activities—Brooks, for example, has had her fill of Radio City Music Hall—but awe-inspiring sights like the Grand Canyon become no less impressive with repeated viewings.We spoke with a car salesman who has been working for two years at a dealership for a major automotive manufacturer.

His stereotype precedes him and, . I hear this question all the time "How Do I Become a Car Salesman". So many people want to know how to be a car salesman, but they are uninformed about what it takes to sell cars for a living.

Jul 24,  · For most car sales consultants, the pay scale ranges from $23, to $95, annually, with the median salary coming in at $39, Align yourself with a successful dealership and put the work in, however, and the .

Car Salesman Job Description Example. The car salesman is a retail man or woman who sells new and/or old cars. Unlike traditional retail sales, car sales are often times negotiable. The job description of a car salesman or saleswoman entails showing cars to people who visit the dealership and explaining the characteristic of various models.

David Teves, a California-based salesman who writes the blog Confessions of a Car Man, says he can determine a customer’s mood by the parking spot they choose. Mar 02,  · Lazy greedy car salesmen still make sales, because people need cars, but this makes people bitter and regretful, and they certainly wont be saying Reviews:

How to Be a Good Car Salesman: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow