Should college students be allowed to

However I know there's states out there that allow open carry and when that gets mixed with college campuses that's when I'm a bit iffy. A college campus isn't sacred or guarded, anyone can go in or out. I do it on a daily basis. Sure, it's not classy at all to carry an unloaded rifle as a political statement, but then again, neither are these loudmouth speakers I see outside of the Student Union who I don't give a shit about.

Should college students be allowed to

About 78 percent of students surveyed said that colleges should allow "all types of speech and viewpoints," while 22 percent noted that "colleges should prohibit biased or offensive speech in the furtherance of a positive learning environment.

In recent months, many students of color have called on their college administrators to more fully address racism on campuses, arguing that their campuses do not promote openness and diversity.

The survey noted that race plays a particular role in college students' perceptions of First Amendment freedoms.

Should college students be allowed to

For example, only 39 percent of the black students in the survey reported feeling less confident in the right to peacefully assemble, compared to 70 percent of white students. Students are highly distrustful of the press. While the vast majority of students surveyed said that the press should generally have unrestricted access to campus protests, close to half said that in some cases, there can be reasons to bar the press, like if protesters think that the reporter may be biased, or whether "the people at the protest say they have a right to be left alone.

For example, Yik Yak, a popular social network on college campuses, allows anonymous postings. Many college students have reported seeing hateful Yik Yak posts, increasing pressure on the company to crack down on people who use the app to harass others.10 Reasons Why College Students Should Vote.

The primary season is underway with the general election coming in only a matter of months.

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The national and local leaders chosen will have significant influence on many important issues, including initiatives of great concern to college students.

10 Reasons Concealed Weapons Should be Allowed on Campuses Posted by Mark Hardy on November 14, With the increase in college campus shootings the past few years, many students and faculties have considered carrying while on campus.

May 31,  · Should Guns Be Permitted on College Campuses? Introduction Concealed handguns will soon be allowed at the University of Texas in Austin and other public colleges in the state.

The following are 10 reasons concealed weapons should be allowed on campuses. Adults are able to defend themselves at home with a firearm, but students living in a dormitory cannot. A dormitory is a home for students, so it makes sense to allow them to defend themselves in their home.

[Should you give your kid ADHD drugs? At the end of the debate, the “for” side won, with 59 percent of the audience members voting in favor of college students being allowed to use smart drugs.

ABOUT STUDENTS FOR CONCEALED CARRY — Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising college students, faculty, staff, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that current laws afford them virtually .

Common Arguments Against Campus Carry