Short essay on safe driving

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Short essay on safe driving

Case Converter Safe driving and responsibility involved The moment you get yourself into the driving seat is very significant, as a responsibility that falls on your shoulder is immense. You must realize that the road rarely forgives mistakes, so you have to be prepared and make sure you know what actions to take and which ones to stay away from, in order to avoid a disaster.

Knowing road rules It might sound obvious, but you need to know the traffic rules thoroughly. If usually, you drive from home to work only, it is more than likely that you know what each sign means and which turn to take.

Driving Safety Tips – Nationwide

Different areas might have different signs or road interchanges that might catch you or even an experienced driver off-guard and you may end up in confusion about what to do.

The road rules handbook might be handy in such situations.

Short essay on safe driving

Using cell phones while driving We all know that a lot of car accidents happen because drivers were under the influence of certain substances to name a few, drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills, remedies etc ; however, a vast amount of accidents happen due to the driver getting distracted.

A major distraction to blame is a cell phone.

Together We Can End Impaired Driving

Very often we can see drivers talking or texting while being behind the wheel. In case of an accident, not only the victim of the accident is the one who suffers, but a person who was driving and texting or talking on the phone is going to be punished as well, in terms of personal injuries, losing his driving license and potentially going to jail.

If you need to make a call or text a message, just pull over. Driving under the influence of substances Everyone knows that drink driving and driving while being on drugs is unacceptable and against the law.

Nevertheless, too many drivers ignore this rule which results in thousands of road accidents each year all over the world. Such drivers either hurt other people or get themselves hurt.

Short essay on safe driving

It does not necessarily mean that if you had a drink or took some drugs that you will have an accident, but the chances of a crash increase substantially. Thus, do not play with the fate, because the price of such game as getting behind the wheel under the influence can cost you way too much.

A tip for beginners Okay, you have just received your driving license. You are ecstatic, but obviously, fresh from your driving classes, you remember the strong advice of being attentive and careful on the road, so you do your best to follow the rules thoroughly.

The thing is that it turns out to be a kind of psychological trap. Breaking even basic rules of road regulations contributes to thousands of car accidents that could have been avoided. It might be interesting for you.Driving safety tips every driver should know When you’re behind the wheel of a car – whether alone or with passengers – driving safely should always be your top concern.

We’re more distracted than ever, so it’s crucial to know the basics of safe driving and practice them every time you’re on the road.

Long and Short Essay on Road Safety in English

Science news and science articles from New Scientist. Some are avoiding aggressive drivers, alertness while driving, and vehicle following distance, vehicle speed, and special driving situations. One of many factors in remaining safe on the roads is the ability to control your emotions and your stress.

If a job does not primarily involve driving, the employee often does not receive the same safety management or engagement in driving safety others may get. Employers need to manage the safety of employees on the road, just as they manage other risks in the workplace.

Short essay on safe driving

3 days ago · Increased road accidents are a major driving factor for technology providers to develop a safe and efficient transport system. vendors short term and long term such as white papers.

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Essay for safe driving short