Procrastination in hamlet essays

Hamlet's procrastinating also called his "delay" is what sustains, dramatizes, and prolongs the plot of his revenge.

Procrastination in hamlet essays

Procrastination and Tragedy in Hamlet Image Credit: Ferwa Razzaq Read the Faculty Introduction Procrastination — the bane of college students across the globe. The tantalizing pleasures of Youtube and the immediate social gratifications of Facebook are all too alluring for the average student, especially when the alternative is a five to seven page essay about that old drab Shakespeare.

Hamlet breaks the classical model of an Aristotelian tragic hero in both his characterization and his revelation.

Procrastination and Tragedy in Hamlet – Hundred River Review

While most authors give their protagonists an overbearing tragic flaw to balance their talents, Hamlet lacks a unique and strong tragic flaw because he has no amazing talents to balance out.

This is the exact opposite of what our protagonist chooses to do. Referencing the belief that suicide would lead the religious to hell, Hamlet rather unheroically wishes to kill himself before even learning of his fate. Other tragic heroes like Oedipus receive rather direct confirmation of their relevant fact, but Hamlet changes from ignorance to uncertainty rather than to knowledge.

From there, jumping to the conclusion that his inaction — his delay — must be his tragic flaw also comes naturally.

Procrastination in hamlet essays

In the book Stay, Illusion! While much time does pass between Hamlet receiving his duty and enacting it, he does not waste it pondering. As he does not possess any exceptional gifts to help him combat the world, Hamlet makes a traditionally unheroic decision: The first person who seems capable of trusting and helping Hamlet is Ophelia.

Lamenting his fate and delaying his duty, Hamlet does at one point turn to Ophelia for assistance. This sign of weakness shows that Hamlet trusts Ophelia, perhaps because he loves her and knows that she has feelings for him as well.

He completely loses faith in Ophelia during their next encounter in the castle as he questions her: In the film adaptation of Hamlet, directed by Gregory Doran, this scene repeatedly shows Hamlet staring into the camera revealing his knowledge that both Claudius and Polonius are listening in from afar.

Delay or procrastination? |

Assuming her to be a supporter of Claudius, Hamlet concludes that he cannot trust Ophelia with his burden and quickly severs their ties. As he parts from his only sure confidant, Hamlet asks Horatio — his one friend — for minimal assistance.

Is it your own inclining [to visit me]? Every character in the play is watched by someone else. This lack of trust amongst the main characters of the play permeates their relations, creating an atmosphere of doubt and wariness between all residents of the castle.

Hamlet tries and fails to recruit assistance from others, leaving him with no choice but to tackle his fate alone.

After the Mousetrap succeeds, Hamlet is presented with a golden opportunity to kill a vulnerable, praying Claudius. Although certain lives may have been saved, those lives have already been ruined by the events of the play:Whatever the case, it is quite evident that Hamlet procrastinated the avenging of his father’s death, thereby causing the deaths of Gertrude, Laertes, Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and most importantly, himself; this procrastination – no other factor – is refutably Hamlet’s tragic flaw.

Why did Hamlet Procrastinate? First, he confuse and trying to figure out if the ghost is telling him the truth or is ghost a devil from hell trying to get him to kill his uncle. He did not want to kill an innocent person and go to hell.

Welcome. Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want. Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is a tragic play consisting of numerous deaths. The deaths that took place played a very important role in the unfolding of the play.

In reading this play the reader can almost guess who was going to die. Different Types Of Procrastination - According to the text, procrastination is avoiding the less important things in one’s field of study or interest and paying attention to the more important things pertaining to one’s field of study.

Procrastination in hamlet essays

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