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Yale police called over napping black student And the encounter is posted on social media, sparking outrage about racial profiling. In what is becoming an all-too familiar episode, a black Yale University graduate student was interrogated by campus police officers early Tuesday after a white student found her sleeping in a common room of their dorm and called police.

Potential classmate

Continue to article content As the FBI prepares to conclude its review of the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it seems clear that its investigation has been cursory at best. But just as during the Clinton email investigation and the ongoing Russia probe, Democrats have largely failed to criticize the FBI for its role in the investigation, and have at times gone out of their way to praise its professionalism.

Potential classmate

Over the past several years, Republicans have repeatedly assaulted the Justice Department with hyper-politicized demands, while Democrats—for reasons that fall somewhere between tactics and timidity—have ceded the playing field to the loudest and most irresponsible actors on the right.

Director Chris Wray, who attended Yale Law School with Kavanaugh he was two years behind him and, like Kavanaugh, joined the conservative Federalist Society while there. During the George W.

While it is true that the White House determines the scope of a background investigation, the FBI possesses a number of tools to shape its outcome if it feels it is being unfairly restricted. For example, the bureau could formally notify the White House in writing that it believes further witness interviews are necessary to obtain a complete picture—an act of bureaucratic pressure that would be difficult to ignore, especially if Wray shared that conclusion with key senators.

It could compile every allegation and lead it has obtained through its tip line and field offices in its final report, even those the bureau has been blocked from investigating.

Finally, it could do what it does best when it feels unfairly jammed by other government agencies: So what should Democrats do? First, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Notifying the FBI and DOJ that he will subpoena documents, demand interviews with officials at every level, and ultimately hold a hearing will have a dramatic impact on an agency that rightly worries about its public standing—and where key officials worry about their personal reputations—after several years of GOP attacks.

Democrats could demand that Wray and Rosenstein recuse themselves from the Kavanaugh probe, given their longstanding ties to the nominee, and insist the investigation be overseen by the FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich, a career agent with no ties to either political party.

This would be an unprecedented move for a background investigation, but again, the Republican playbook here is worth noting. In September —two months before the presidential election—the FBI took the highly unusual step of publicly releasing s from the Clinton email investigation, a move it claimed was warranted due to unusual public interest, but was in fact a response to pressure from Republicans on the Hill.

I am sympathetic to the idea that Democrats should not merely ape the Republican playbook of politicizing law enforcement and have made that argument myself on many occasions. There is no sign the Republican Party intends to change course soon.

If Democrats hope to ever get a fair shake, their only choice is to fight fire with fire. While such a fight would be ugly, putting federal law enforcement on notice that both parties are watching its decisions would yield a better outcome not just for Democrats, but for the country.

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Brett Kavanaugh's Yale classmate has revealed explosive text messages that 'prove' the Supreme Court nominee told a potential witness to his alleged sexual assault to report 'no bad' about him. The school district said it "takes all social media threats seriously and will continue to do so," while adding that students should be reminded to immediately report any potential threats they.

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