Personal statement for residency family medicine

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Personal statement for residency family medicine

During my third year of medical school, the change from a classroom atmosphere to hands-on clinical experience on the wards motivated me in a new way.

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The physicians with whom I was fortunate to work inspired me. Their patience, diligence, and dedication to their patients filled me with admiration and I learned the special importance of interpersonal skills and doctor patient interaction.

Personal statement for residency family medicine

Upon graduation, I wanted to work to help people suffering from poverty and ill health, so I joined a public health service program in an isolated island Overseas.

The islanders were mostly poor farmers working all day long under glaring sunlight, cultivating huge amounts of onion and garlic. I took a huge responsibility of taking primary care of about two-thousand residents as their only physician.

I saw about forty outpatients everyday and also emergency calls day and night. I met a variety of fascinating patients who I would never have met in any other place and by spending many hours with them I won their trust. I will always remember their warm smiles and happiness when I ran into them outside of the hospital.

They generously shared the vegetables they harvested themselves. I was greatly thankful for their friendliness, and was pleased to serve them for three years. My duties on the island gave me a new perspective on practicing medicine and on life in general.

The satisfaction I gained from providing community health care and the practicality and variety of the field appealed to me. Following this, my yearlong employment at hospitals in Seoul provided me with more hands-on clinical experience in environments including geriatric inpatient wards and emergency departments.

After that I decided I wanted to complete a formal residency in the United States was because of the opportunities available in family medicine. Being able to experience a diverse patient population under the strong healthcare system and wide ranges of culture was what attracted me the most.

The work I did during those rotations solidified my skills in taking patient histories, conducting physical examinations, and diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases. During this time, I attended daily rounds with residents and fellows and gained excellent exposure to how residency and fellowship works in a teaching hospital.

I believe that my clinical service in primary care overseasand my experience in several months of US hospital rotations have prepared me well for residency training. I stand ready to invest my time and energy into my residency to further complete advanced training in family medicine. After residency, I plan to pursue a fellowship in geriatrics which I have been aiming for since my public health care service years in the island.

I look forward to learning and sharing ideas with fellow residents and to benefiting from their experiences and to do all it takes to become the best family practitioner I can be.Following the footsteps of her father and grandfather, Dr.

Rachel Rosen is a third-generation family physician and has been board-certified in family medicine since These sample Internal Medicine residency personal statements are here for your viewing pleasure (fully anonymous).We're hoping to add more in the future, including Pre-Med personal statements.

The AOA provides the following basic standards and inspection workbooks for postdoctoral training programs as a valued resource for the osteopathic medical community. Tips About Family Medicine PS Writing.

If you are looking for residency in family medicine, personal statements are very important. A good residency personal statement can make your career in this field and a bad one can break your dreams too.

A personal statement should clearly reflect your dedication to 5/5. In the summer of , I visited my country of birth, African Nation, for the first time in 12 years. I discovered was a war ravaged country with shelled out homes, extreme poverty and a collapsed healthcare system.

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