National self interest essay

Does competition promote growth and progress, or selfishness and inequality? Is it fair and efficient, or does it merely let the strong prey on the weak? And what is the alternative?

National self interest essay

Self-Interest and Morality Self-Interest Self-interest, or selfish; two different words with two different meanings often used synonymously in the English language. By definition both words imply thought or action of an individual directed toward personal benefit.

However similar these two words are not the same.

National Interest

The word selfish has negative connotations of self-gratification with disregard for others; and is therefore looked down on by society. On the other hand, self-interest is viewed more positively implying thought or action directed toward personal benefit, this being more socially acceptable.

It can be argued that all action good or bad stems from either a self-interested or selfish motives. Self-interest is natural, even instinctual in all human beings; acting in behalf of self-preservation is of the most basic form of such action.

So the argument goes; if a person acts in any way for their personal well being, then they are acting on self-interest. A great deal has been said concerning the subject of self-interest by many philosophers offering different views on the subject, these views have become known as the theory of ethical and psychological egoism Rosenstand Ethical egoism is the theory that everyone ought to be egoistic, selfish, or self-interested, while the theory of psychological egoism is that everyone is selfish, or self-interested Rosenstand Regardless of age, race, religion, culture, or gender; everyone is self-interested.

Perhaps it could be said that this is an absolute equal opportunity aspect of just being human. The only people without self-interest are the dead ones…who most likely ended up that way for the lack thereof. Basically we all have it; so now, as inspired by the great Plato; our concern should be directed to defining the forms of self-interest ness.

Ultimately then, what is the greatest form of self-interest? Could it be that the greatest form to be sought is truth, because not only is this most beneficial when found, but the entire search brings forth positive results as almost a side effect of the endeavor.

There are so many philosophers that have writtenHowever, Smith also notes the many circumstances when self-interest and the natural order of things lead to negative outcomes.

For example, the division of labor taken to the extreme leaves men narrow and incapable of innovation.

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Essay on Levels of National Interest (Revision) Words | 4 Pages. attempting to define its national interest. National interest is the establishment of identity and purpose of the country; it is a multi-faceted idea that is made of several ideologies set forth by the country’s most influential leaders and parties.

The concept of the national interest is used in both political analysis and political action. As an analytic tool, it is employed to describe, explain, or evaluate the sources or the adequacy of a nation’s foreign policy. As an instrument of political action, it serves as a means of justifying.

Lesson 5 The concept of national interest can be defined as the goals that states pursue to maximize what is selfishly best for their country.

National self interest essay

It is a very central issue in international relations. Force, Educative, Rational Or Self-Interest Change Strategies (Essay Sample) Instructions: Look at common strategy approaches below and analyze based on the Christian Worldview.


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