Marketing to baby boomers

After all, I spent most of my career in marketing communications. That said, over the years, I have come to see marketing as a two way street. It works best when the customer is involved in every step of the process, from deciding which products to make to selecting the right words to use in each advertising campaign.

Marketing to baby boomers

By Lucy Handley 1 Dec Older consumers often have significant disposable income, while young people are often seen as trendsetting and keen to spend.

Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Market to Baby Boomers?

But you ignore either at your peril. Boomers may now be middle aged, or even approaching retirement, but as the first teenagers, they do not consider themselves old. Baby boomers are where the wealth and income is.

Marketing to baby boomers

The plus age group is pretty well connected and that is driven by parents and grandparents. About a fifth of its users are boomers.

Unlike Skype, however, many marketers often miss out on the boomer market, focusing solely on the alluring youth market. Diageo chief marketing officer Andy Fennell has said: Marketers need to respect and understand consumers over 35 who are adopting new media and staying active.

One person in the qualitative study Marketing to baby boomers I am more willing to try new things. They are technology savvy and we think a lot about them when we design our apps.

He also likes the idea that the new Apple iPhone 4S can record spoken messages. The research also suggests that brands targeting boomers should be looking at helping them get more out of life. While marketers may be tempted to promote the emotional benefits of a particular product, the research suggests they should think more about its practical uses.

Boomers are less likely to have issues with self-esteem than younger generations who might be concerned about what others think of them, so they seek products that fit a functional need rather than fulfilling an emotional one.

The research suggests that these people look for product benefits and are keen to make up their own minds about brands. A brand that fits this mindset is New Balance, which has broad appeal across the age groups but focuses heavily on the functional benefits of its products that promise to help people get more out of life.

The business has expanded its range to make sure it brings younger people into the brand, while still appealing to its average European consumer, who is 37 years old.

What is a 'Baby Boomer'

New Balance EMEA marketing manager Graham Dicken agrees that while people tend to grow older with the brand, it also wants to be relevant to younger people. We will stay focused on our core proposition of performance and running, but there is an opportunity to introduce the brand to a much younger consumer.

As one boomer research participant put it: We have a long, active life ahead of us. People run from cradle to grave.

Marketing to baby boomers

New Balance uses a similar strapline to target both the people who are interested in the brand as helping them with sports performance and those who want to buy its retro lifestyle trainers.

The lifestyle business can go up and down, but performance is the strong foundation. Although the brand wants to hang onto its core audience who have bought its products for a number of years, Dicken sees the raised profile of the brand as a chance to grab some of the younger market too.The generation can be segmented into two: The Leading-Edge Baby Boomers are individuals born between and , those who, for US, came of age during the Vietnam War era.

The other half of the generation was born between and and is called Late Boomers, or Trailing-Edge Boomers. Baby Boomers By Christian Amato, Chief Business Development Officer In today’s age of marketing, finding out how exactly to reach an audience can be quite .

Baby boomers still make up a large majority of the market. So, while social media marketing is on the rise, you still need to consider the boomers. Whatever name you use for the 77 million baby boomers born between and , it's clear we've had a vast influence on the marketing economy.

The estimated $3 trillion in spending power. The 3 Most Effective Ways to Reach Baby Boomers. What’s the most effective way to woo baby boomers with your marketing? The answer may surprise those who hold on to old marketing stereotypes. The Truth About Boomers and Direct Marketing.

Most marketers make one common mistake when marketing to Baby Boomers. This mistake accounts for the failure of direct marketing campaigns geared toward Boomers.

Between the Generations: Marketing Differences Between Millennials v. Baby Boomers