Make recommendations for improving your health education campaign essay

Many nursing homes are more like prisons, he says, when people who may have only a year left in their life still want to experience autonomy and pleasure. It's not about whether you spend more or not, it's letting them do a little more what they want. In fact, it might cost less, because given a little autonomy they may need less medication.

I choose this campaign because more people are going on holidays and using sun beds and not being aware of the dangers and what it can cause.

The National skin cancer Awareness Campaign is targeting to as low as years as research has shown that these ages are still getting sun burnt each weekend in summer, and cumulative exposure to ultra violet radiation over your lifetime and episodes of sunburn increase the risk of skin cancer.

This is because people can now afford to go on holidays more often and are not using sun cream and covering up. Also people at the age of 18 are now using sun beds more often because appearance means a lot to people at that age.

They are becoming more self conscious about themselves and are using sun beds to get a quick, cheap and easy tan.

Increase the knowledge and awareness of skin cancer. Assist to develop strategies that encourage responsible decision making about skin protection, including not sun baking.

Work towards a safe school environment that provides shade for students and staff. Encourage students, parents, teachers, and staff to wear protective clothing, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen during high risk times such as lunch times, sports, excursions and camps.

Make recommendations for improving your health education campaign essay

Sun protection and skin cancer awareness programs are incorporated into the Health and Physical Education areas of the school curriculum. Wear the correct protection Clothing when out in the sun. It appears as rough, red or brown, scaly patches on It usually occurs on areas of your skin that have been in the sun.

Often this cancer appears as a Lunch, canteen, decking areas. Also to start showing the dangers of the sun and sun beds and try not to advertise sun beds. To try and make people follow these objectives I could make people aware of the dangers by showing them horrific pictures of skin cancer and the affects of sun burn.

By showing them these images it would stick in there head and they would try and stop in taking a stupid amount of UV. By making videos of people with skin cancer could make them aware of how dangerous the sun is and using sun beds are.

Also how the skin is affected by the sun by making you age.

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I think for my choice of approach I would make a presentation to a group of people making them aware of the causes of skin cancer. Hopefully this will help them adapt to sun smart and how important it is to just listen.

The media which im going to choose posters, leaflets and games. This is a effective way to promote my campaign. There fun always full with bright colors and easy to understand.

I think this is a good idea for my age range audience as its to I think they will understand my media well and hopefully it will get to them. I will show pictures on my posters which are eye catching. These could be what a skin cancer mole looks like. Hopefully the audience will be educated by this and know what there looking for.

I will also show badly burned people, this will scare the audience and make them use more sun cream and cover up.

Make recommendations for improving your health education campaign essay

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Sample Action Plan to . Report recommendations. Recommendations are often included with a report’s conclusion, although they serve different purposes.

Whereas a conclusion offers you the opportunity to summarize or review your report’s main ideas, recommendations suggest actions to be taken in response to the findings of a report. P1 – Explain three different approaches to health education. There are many different ways in which you can approach health education.

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