How to write an abstract for a research paper ppt file

The field of Affective Computing AC expects to narrow the communicative gap between the highly emotional human and the emotionally challenged computer by developing computational systems that recognize and respond to the affective states of the user. Affect-sensitive interfaces are being developed in number of domains, including gaming, mental health, and learning technologies.

How to write an abstract for a research paper ppt file

Every author should meet all of these four conditions for every submitted manuscript to CEO. After the initial submission of a manuscript, any changes whatsoever in authorship adding author sdeleting author sor re-arranging the order of authors must be explained by a letter to the editor from the authors concerned.

This letter must be signed by all authors of the paper. Copyright assignment must also be completed by every author. CEO does not correct authorship after publication unless a mistake has been made by the editorial staff. Authorship may be changed before publication but after submission when an authorship correction is requested by all of the authors involved with the manuscript.

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Originality, plagiarism, and duplicate publication Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published in any context, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. No part of the accepted manuscript should be duplicated in any other scientific journal without the express written permission of the Editorial Board.

This restriction does not apply to abstracts or press reports published in connection with scientific meetings. Submitted manuscripts are screened for possible plagiarism or duplicate publication by the use of Similarity Check upon arrival. If plagiarism or duplicate publication related to the papers of this journal is detected, the manuscripts may be rejected, the authors will be announced in the journal, and their institutions will be informed of this situation.

There will also be penalties that will be assessed and applied for the authors if this incident occurs. A letter of permission is required for any and all material that has been published previously.

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It is the responsibility of the author to request permission from the publisher for any material that is being reproduced or considered for reproduction by CEO.

This requirement applies to text, figures, and tables. Secondary publication It is possible to republish manuscripts if the manuscripts satisfy the conditions of secondary publication of the ICMJE Recommendations http: Corresponding author of an article is asked to let the Editor-in-Chief know potential conflict of interest possibly influencing their interpretation of data.

Potential conflict of interest is applied even when the authors are confident that their judgments have not been influenced in the manuscript.

Such conflicts may be financial supports or connections to pharmaceutical companies, political pressure from interest groups, or academic problems. The Editor-in-Chief will decide whether the information of the conflict should be included in the published paper.

Before publishing such information, the Editor-in-Chief will consult with the corresponding author.

how to write an abstract for a research paper ppt file

In particular, all sources of funding for a research should be explicitly stated. Clinical studies that do not meet the Helsinki Declaration will not be considered for use in the publication.

For animal subjects, research should be performed based on the National or Institutional Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and the ethical treatment of all experimental animals should be maintained.

Statement of informed consent and Institutional Review Board approval Copies of written informed consents should be kept for studies on human subjects.

If necessary, the editor or reviewers may request copies of these documents to resolve any questions regarding IRB approval and study conduct. Registration of the clinical trial research Any research that deals with a clinical trial should be registered with the primary national clinical trial registry site such as the Korea Clinical Research Information Service CRIS, http: The discussion and decision on the suspected cases will be carried out by the Editorial Board.

Process for handling cases requiring corrections, retractions, and editorial expressions of concern Cases that require editorial expressions of concern or retraction shall follow the COPE flowcharts http: Editorial responsibilities The Editorial Board will continuously work to monitor and safeguard publication ethics: The editors maintain the following responsibilities: Copyrights A submitted manuscript, when published will become the property of the journal.Test Automation Design Doug Hoffman, BA, MBA, MSEE, ASQ-CSQE Software Quality Methods, LLC.

(SQM) [email protected] The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the Department of Labor (DOL), has published a joint notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would modernize the recruitment requirements for employers seeking H-2B nonimmigrant workers to make it easier for U.S.

How to Write an Abstract That Will Be Accepted for Presentation at a National Meeting David J Pierson MD FAARC Introduction What Is an Abstract? Preparation for Writing the Abstract. Submission checklist You can use this list to carry out a final check of your submission before you send it to the journal for review.

Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details. Ensure that the following items are present. What is an abstract? An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding, or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline.

How to make your Abstract more Effective, Abstract offers a Preview

It is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper's purpose. An abstract acts as the point-of-entry for any given academic paper or patent application. Humanities Abstracts “Margaret C. Anderson’s Little Review” Sophia Estante and Lorrie Moore (Mentor), English.

This research looks at the work of Margaret C. Anderson, the editor of the Little Review. The review published first works by Sherwood Anderson, James Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, and Ezra Pound.

This research draws upon mostly primary.

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