Final film critique draft

Script Notes Our script notes make up the bulk of your coverage, and they're brimming with specific, insightful critique and suggestions on how to improve the work. We write our script analysis as straightforward and as objective as possible because it's not only screenwriters that rely on us for constructive honesty — it's also agents and producers. Our dumb ones are eaten by bears. Script Reader Scoresheet Our reader numerically scores your script in 22 key categories, such as character, dialogue, plot, theme, conflict, tension, presentation, and more.

Final film critique draft

Cultural Analysis of Ancient Egypt Religion and Ancient Egyptian Society Over the timespan of about 5, years the citizens of ancient Egypt have relied on their religion to guide them in success.

As well as keep them a step ahead of the rest of the countries that occupied Africa along the Nile River, so what role did religion play in the success of ancient Egyptian society? Their strong belief in the afterlife and pleasing their pharaohs have led to their success by holding them together as a community, providing the structure for government and their striving to achieve a peaceful afterlife.

The religion of ancient Egyptians was a very intricate part of their culture because of their polytheism and the different rituals that influenced the aspect of their daily lives.

The way ancient Egypt was set up socially was through caste systems. At the very top of that social structure pyramid were the pharaohs. The pharaohs were viewed in some cases as gods on earth, but mostly as a direct link between the people and the several different gods that were worshipped [1].

The people would work for and worship the pharaoh. But the religious work was left to the priests, who were part-time officiants [2].

The priests were next under the pharaohs and conducted the religious ceremonies, much like they do in a modern day religions. They would conduct the sacrifices for the pharaoh as well as their many gods.

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Ancient Egyptian religion was polytheistic, meaning they worship more than just one god. The many different gods that Egyptians worshipped all had names such as Re, which was the sun god; Osiris, which was the god of the dead; Horus, which was the living king, and Isis, which is the wife of Osiris.

The king Amenhotep IV, who reigned from the years — BCE first introduced monotheism to Egypt when he started recognizing only himself and the solar disk god Aton [3] as deities. Akhenaton placed Aton before all other gods, which soon turned Egypt into a monotheistic society, and because Akhenaton was a pharaoh the citizens had to obey.

The Egyptians believed in the fact that whatever they did in their life on earth, directly affected their afterlife.

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Egyptians viewed the flooding of the Nile as a sign from god that the reign of the current pharaoh was over or as a punishment for them not obeying or working hard enough, although the river flooded annually throughout the months of June to October, which afterward deposited million tons of rich, fertile soil and minerals.

And the only sign of a righteous life was to go on to the afterlife where your soul rested and could be worshipped. As well as using it for transportation.

They traded wheat, wild barely and pottery with Mesopotamia and other countries. Pharaohs, during their reign started the drawings and building of their tombs. Were they will spend the rest of eternity as a god, and have their spirits worshipped.

The men worked and provided the labor for the building of the lavish tombs, and the women worked at keeping the men fed and clothed while they were working on them. Priests also lead one of the most important aspects of the religion besides the ceremonies. They also conducted the mummification of the pharaoh and other deceased members of the community.

The process of mummification is when the internal organs of the dead are removed and placed in jars, and then they wrap the body up in bandages so the dead can continue onto their next life. The way Egyptians performed their autopsies proved their advancement in medicine among other things.The Shawshank Redemption Final Film Critique The Shawshank Redemption Ramona Dory ENG Introduction to Film Instructor- Richard Biar 04/29/12 The Shawshank Redemption is a Stephen King inspired motion picture.

It is a production of Castle Rock Pictures and in my opinion is one of the best filmed adapted versions of Stephen King books. The screenplay is written by Frank Darabont based 90%(10). Final Draft is a program that can be used throughout the script development workflow and production of a film with its many additional features.

If your script is sold and goes into development, many other people will be handling the original file, not the pdf -- casting, director, producers, executive assistants, perhaps other writers, et cetera.

Final film critique draft

After more than two years of development, Final Draft has unveiled Final Draft AV, their software for writing in the two-column format on Mac or IBM. As you probably know, the two-column format is favored in the creation of TV and radio ads, corporate videos, documentaries, even short film scripts.

Before any video is finalized, we send a final draft to each customer, allowing them to review and critique the film.

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We ask each customer to review the final draft within 48 hours of receiving the video. Proposal Peer review. Peer Critique – Final Report Draft.

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Final Draft Ah, What Might Have Been If only the Final Draft folks had spent as much time designing this new software as they spent designing the handsome box around it, Final Draft AV might have been one of the great v1.
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Read each review question before beginning your critique. After completing the critique, assign points for each category in the table provided. Article Critique Assignment Length and Due Dates Length: 7.

When writing about the article or film to which it applies, use the present tense (for example, you can revise your analysis before submitting the final draft of the article critique for a grade.

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