Essay about evolution of management

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Essay about evolution of management

Hire Writer Henri Fayol belongs to administrative management; his long career working in a mining company led him to develop the five basic elements of management.

Besides that, Fayol developed the 14 principles of management. According to Hartman although these principles were controversial in modern organizations, some of them are still in use in those organizations. Fayol is best known is differing with Taylor on the value of functional foremen.

Subordination of individual interests to the general interest: These rates depend on the quality of service and market conditions. The degree of centralization and decentralization depends on the dynamics of each organization. A chain of authority exists from the highest organizational authority to the lowest ranks.

A direct and clear communication channel needed to increase the effectiveness of organizational communication. Selection of the right material and the right employee to execute certain tasks is important for continuing each organizational function and activity.

Justice and fairness to be in place dealing with employees. Stability of tenure of personnel. A stable environment is important to maximize the productivity of managers and employees. Initiatives and plans in need to communicate in clear directions at all levels of the organizational hierarchy so that there should be no waste of time and valuable resources.

Sports vs Performing Arts Essay The interaction with external environment and the absence of human elements or social factors characterized the formal and classical management era. The shortcomings of classical organization theory quickly became apparent.

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Peter Drucker the Moralist Drucker according to some sources is one of the greatest thinkers in modern management theory. According to this theory, management spends more time focusing on developing strategic policies and less time spending on supervisory and control issues.

As a modern thinker, he believed that organizational innovation required remaining at a competitive advantage and responding in a timely manner to the internal as well as the external environments. In federal decentralization, a company is organized so that there are a number of independent units operating simultaneously.

Drucker cited in Cornelis, in the new realities states that: There are assumptions about the environment of the organization: There are assumptions about specific mission of the organizations.

According to Fayol, employees execute tasks and do what the managers want them to do. Employees involvement was absent from his thoughts and writing. According to Crawford, Brungardt, and Maughan n. The most effective leaders are those who can force structure on a disordered organization that had no form before.

Given the fact that the classicist desires stability to minimize change, formal structure is the ultimate way of codifying what is good in the organization, and what is bad is structured as far away as possible from leadership.

The dilemma between the classical view of management thoughts and the post-classical view is that classical theories dealt with top down management and decision-making regardless of any environmental effects and the human subject. Whereas the post classical theories see that bottom up decision making and its external environment affect overall organizational effectiveness as an organization becomes more complex and conducts its business in uncertain and unpredictable global market.

Retrieved Dec 12,from http:Culture. Management theories have evolved to acknowledge that corporate culture can be a contributor to performance. If you can develop a sense of belonging to a group for your company, you can manage the business for improved financial performance and return on investment.

Many current management concepts and practices can be traced to early 20th century management theories. Some of the main approaches to management were the scientific management approach, the general administrative approach and the human relations approach.

Some of /5(5). The Evolution of Human Resource Management Essay. One must first understand the base of evolution of HRS in order to understand the evolution of HRS completely - The Evolution of Human Resource Management Essay introduction. The putting out system was displaced by the industrial revolution that led to the establishment of factories.

Evolution of quality management essay.

Essay about evolution of management

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