Employee retention and interviewing essay

One of your best employees resigns out of the blue. Not only do you have to find a replacement for such a talented team member — no small feat when skilled professionals are in high demand, as they are today — but you also have to consider the impact this departure will have on the rest of your staff. Whenever someone walks out the door, people notice. Some will even start wondering if they should start looking for a new job, too.

Employee retention and interviewing essay

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The retention interview is a best-practice process some businesses use to keep in touch with their key employees. It identifies sources of job satisfaction, and, more importantly, pinpoints problems that the employee perceives in his job or in the wider company.

The aim of the retention interview is to allow the business to address potential deal-breakers before essential employees go looking elsewhere for a job. For certain employees, senior executives may be present. As this can be intimidating, the retention interview should begin by giving the employee reassurance about the process.

Talk about why the interview is being conducted, tell the interviewee how much she is valued by the company, and explain that you will take notes to help you implement some of her suggestions. Information Gathering Questions The first questions to the employee should be very broad in scope, to allow him to settle into the interview.

Ask why he took the job he has, and what he most enjoys about it. Challenge Questions Ask the employee to identify things about her job that she likes least, or that she thinks could be improved. Ask what might make her consider leaving the company.

Ask about her view of her relationship with you as her line manager.

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This can be tricky, of course, but many employees welcome the opportunity to have a frank but respectful discussion. Throughout this part of the meeting, put the stress on identifying solutions to problems, rather than just giving the employee an opportunity to vent.

Future Questions All employees like to feel they have a positive path forward. Ask what role he sees himself playing in the company in five years time to get a sense of his bigger goals.

Ask if there are other areas of responsibility he would like to take on. Ask what would keep him positive and excited about his role at the company.Retention employee is important as training and developing employee.

Therefore, develop a strong human resources and prevent well-training, experience employees from registration is the requirement to develop a company. Jun 27,  · Home» Essays» Research» Employee Retention and Its Effects on the Essay Leaks PM.

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Essays Research. Employee turnover has been a subject of interest to scholars of organizational theory and development for some time.

Employee retention and interviewing essay

recruitment, applicant testing and interviewing, along with placement of the worker are some. Importance Of Employee Retention And Motivation Management Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Employee Retention Strategies helps organizations provide effective employee. May 04,  · Employee Retention Essay. Managing Employee Retention and Turnover Employee retention has always been an important focus for human resource managers.

Employee retention and interviewing essay

SELECTION STEPS • SCREENING CVs 54 • INTERVIEWING • TESTS • REFERENCE CHECKS 61 • MAKING JOB OFFERS • PRE . That's why employee retention and employee job satisfaction should be high on every organization's list of priorities, and why creating effective retention strategies to decrease turnover should be one of management's most important jobs.

FOCUS AREA BUSINESS A Strategic Approach to Employee Retention BY JOHN GERING AND JOHN CONNER, PHD, MA / n September , Paul Rutledge, president, MidAmerica Division of.

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