Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: All in all, it appeared that good television and effective activism could coexist.

Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

The series focus on the life of Goth girl Lydia Deetz and her undead friend Beetlejuice as they explore The Neitherworld, a wacky afterlife realm inhabited by monsters, ghosts, ghouls and zombies. Contents Plot Episode formula Episodes generally centered on the ghostly con-man Beetlejuice, his best and only true friend Lydia, and their adventures together in both the Neitherworld and the "real world", a fictional New England town called Peaceful Pines "Winter River" in the film.

As in the film, Lydia could summon Beetlejuice out of the Neitherworld or go there herself by calling his name three times, sometimes as part of a set chant: In only a very few episodes is Lydia not present, those being wholly escapades of Beetlejuice in the Neitherworld.

Many episodes, especially towards the end of the run, were parodies of famous films such as BrigadoonShaneMr. The episode "Brides of Funkenstein" was based on an idea submitted by a then-teenage girl, who was a fan of the show.

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Beetlejuice has aired in re-runs on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network where the movie airedand will air on Warner Bros. The series aired on Teletoon Retro in Canada from fall until Junebut came back in April Home video releases Warner Bros.

Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

Factory had acquired the rights to the series and plan to release it on DVD in His name-proper is "Beetle Juice Jr. Beetlejuice takes more after his mother in looks, but he is taller than Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essayand inherits his crooked teeth from his father.

Beetlejuice, often addressed as just "Beej" or "BJ" by Lydiais able to change shape, transform and conjure objects, teleport, and perform other feats of magic, although his powers can be reduced by various circumstances, such as encounters with Sandworms despite the fact that he has enough power to subdue or repel them with ease or when his head becomes separated from his body.

At times, he must pause to think of exactly how to use his powers to escape a precarious situation unscathed. Due to what is later described in the series as his "juice" his inborn source of magicwhenever Beetlejuice utters aloud a figure of speechhe or his surroundings change to act on the pun for example, if he says he is tired, he will transform into a tire ; if he says he is flat broke, he transforms into a flat disc that falls to the ground and shatters; on one occasion, in reference to his own power, he declares "This literal translation stuff slays me!

Almost all of his transformations maintain the black-and-white striped pattern he wears on his suit, although sometimes the stripes are coloured depending on the transformation. Also, if all of his body parts are not reassembled by sundown, he will "melt away". Sometimes Beetlejuice will mix up one of his transformations, due to homophone -based confusion when Lydia told him to turn into a stake to fight off Count Me-In, he turned into a flank steak. -

In the episode "Scary Fools Day", Beetlejuice and Lydia had a Scare War with each of them playing pranks on each other throughout the episode. Lydia only succeeded in scaring Beetlejuice once with the prank that his mother was coming to stay with him for a month, but Beetlejuice successfully pranked Lydia at least four times using his much more effective powers.

These pranks included popping out of her desk drawer as a jack-in-the-box, pretending to shred her school essay, disguising himself as Claire Brewster who would be staying with her while her parents were on a six month holiday and using a sock puppet and a lamp to create the illusion of a Sandworm.

Lydia in fact, seems to be the only person who has any control over Beetlejuice. He even said in one episode he would do anything for her, and she in turn reciprocates his feelings. Beetlejuice is also constantly coming up with get-rich-quick con schemes to get money, as he dreads having to get a joband in later episodes particularly in the second half of the fourth seasonBeetlejuice greediness becomes so intense that he starts to overlook his friends and family, and even when Lydia openly scolds him, Beetlejuice shows unbelievable reluctance or unwillingness to give up of his schemes.

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His favourite foods are Insects of various types, especially beetlesand worms. In one episode however, he gets a job as a scarecrow on a beetle farm.

When he finally gets his chance to eat the beetles one is cheering his name in admiration and Beetlejuice, overcome with guilt finds he cannot eat them.

Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

Acts like this prove that Beetlejuice has more of a heart than he likes to think. Beetlejuice also loves causing mayhem in the Neitherworld and being filthy, and this last makes Beetlejuice have a pathological and psychotic hatred of baths at one point, when Poopsie once waters him Beetlejuice with a hose, Beetlejuice went berserk with fury and was nearly going to eat Poopsie.

Despite this cynical and childish attitude, Beetlejuice prove to be a profound and insightful person, frequently reciting quotes of philosophical and humanitarian importance but of course, Beetlejuice rarely follow his own lessons and lectures.

The things he hates include Sandworms, cleanliness, and anything "cute". He expresses his likes and dislikes via variations on a single Catchphrase, as in "nerd humour On one hand, he frequently claims to be dead, a ghost, having died centuries before—though his references are often hundreds of years apartwhich implies a prior life in the "real world".

Yet some episodes show his parents residing in the Neitherworld, and it is apparently there that he was born to and raised by them: One possible explanation may relate to his saying something about his parents "making him feel like a kid again" and being unsure how to fix it without his growing up all over again; another is that continuity was not a key importance in the series.Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves dang tail off if you shoot that poor critter who just wants the tags and the fuel to go hunting.

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According to Heller, “Watson conducted interviews with news agencies around the world, and churned out, night and day, a steady stream of press releases, op-ed pieces, e-mails, historical essays, and diatribes,” while also producing a ship newsletter, Scuttlebutt.

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