Compare and contrast being a nerd to being a snob

It is about giving a written opinion on two positions, which are compared with each other to reach a final conclusion. Do you know how to write a comparative essay? Here we explain steps and give you ideas on how to do it!

Compare and contrast being a nerd to being a snob

But A nerd is a person, especially a man who is not attractive and awkward or socially embarrassing. Let us have a flashback to our school lives, junior and senior high school when there are many rivalries between snob groups and nerd groups.

But usually, nerds are the protagonist who will always seemed as the guys who do not have branded stuffs, unfashionable, drive old-Daddy cars, work in a cafe as the waitress, smarter than snobs and have many talents.

Sometimes, they are the true winners in the movie. Snobs are usually high-class people who have enough money to buy everything they want. They can buy famous branded things, such as Prada, Gucci or Chanel, and obviously, they are the admirer of those brands.

Snobs are also fashionable, if they are women, who will always wear high-heel shoes, lovely dresses, mini-skirts, sometimes pink-lovers, have beautiful French manicure with red colors on their nails and the purses are always astonishing.

While the men are also so popular in school, play sports—baseball, basketball, heartthrobs, have sexiest bodies, and have the coolest cars. Snobs also act like superstars, they love party and dating with some guys, go out to the movies, make some noise, obsessed to be a prom-queen and love limousine so much.

Compare and contrast being a nerd to being a snob

They often think that they are superiors, so that they make friend with some people who are in the same financial background and physical appearance.

They love making fun of the nerds who are decided as the silliest and the most embarrassing people all over the world. They also creates their images as the confident ones, because they set their lives based on what people think about them, not the real them.

But nerds are totally different from snobs. Unlike the snobs, nerds are not popular, many people do not know who they actually are.

They also do not have much money to buy everything they want, they are also unfashionable, but casual and simple. They dress up in their own comfortable ways, even do not pay attention to what people think about them, and because they are not a type of image-creators, because they have self-confidence.

They do not play sports, because they lack coordination and sometimes get hurt, they prefer to read books. That is why they are so smart, in a consequence, they often get good marks for the assignments.

Well, that sounds too much, but that happens in our lives.Jan 06,  · How to Be a Snob. Being a snob, or more appropriately an elitist, is about cultivating a lifestyle that shows that you know what's best.

Compare and contrast being a nerd to being a snob

You’ll have to in order to compare and contrast different types and flavors in order to discover the best and the worst. All snobs need to construct a standard of what is the best your particular 62%(46). Physical Beauty and Inner Beauty When it comes to being practical, it is the person you are which matters not the way you look.

Even yes looks do count to extent, if you have the traits of a lovable person, no looks can matchup to it. Compare and contrast between Beach and city vacati Compare and Contrast between a Cow and a Whale;.

Compare/Contrast Essay; Being a Snob to Being a Nerd People confuse different terms in English due to similarity or proximity in meaning. This paper will delve into two commonly confused terms, which are being a nerd to being a snob. O-H-I-Oh no! The last time we talked about the state of Ohio, it was a happier time.

We went over all of the Buckeye State’s charms. We talked about the grittiness of the folks in the bigger cities and the warm, friendly people in Ohio’s smaller towns. Writing Variables Broad Topic Attitude Limited Topic Being a snob vs.

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