Blue ink copywriting a book

Ten years of journalism helped immeasurably in learning how to write. Determined to make a living as a writer, I also wrote for a variety of mediums:

Blue ink copywriting a book

An advocate for the representation of women and people in colour in STEM fields and for transformation of academic spaces and curricula. His company company inspires and teaches leadership to entrepreneurs. Sbusiso also supports various charity organisations and he strives to give back to communities.


Some of his humanitarian efforts include food and clothing distributions in many disadvantaged communities, Hospice visitations, and much more.

Muimeleli Mutangwa Tailor Klinik Muimeleli is a national best selling author Before Varsity and founder of Ink Matter, a publishing company focused primarily on publishing the work of emerging authors.

blue ink copywriting a book

Her business organises youth development projects and events for the private sector. As a recent Bsc. Having fought a successful battle throughout her career in STEM and overcoming a male dominated industry, she aims to empower women in STEM by sharing her experiences.

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Years later Mbeeswax Digital Marketing runs digital marketing services for small, medium, and large companies some on the JSE. This is a weekly chat that has helped several Youth to put a CV together; to interview better and to find jobs.

He is passionate about his field and enjoys spending time with his family. She holds a BSc Hons degree in Industrial Engineering from Wits, and is currently pursuing post graduate studies in Insurance and Risk Management and works as an analyst for a supply chain advisory company.

As a social entrepreneur, she empowers communities through access to quality education. She is someone who greatly values education for all, as she has worked with a tutoring organization for learners in Alexandra since She also worked for the Assist, as a math tutor until She then accepted the position of Learner Relations Director in After that, she was promoted to Executive Director ina position she still holds now.

When she is not working she enjoys spending her spare time writing, reading and singing. Nella and her sister Zintle take inspiration from their pioneering dad, who is one of the leading solar equipment suppliers in SA.

Nella is passionate about clean energy, youth empowerment and skills development, and helping to formalize the township economy.

Tebatso Molapo Re Basadi Tebatso is the Founder of Re Basadi, which aims to empower young women in business through content, event networking and facilitating of collaborations.

Her goal is to grow Re Basadi into a multimedia agency that caters to young women in business and connects cooperate companies to young female entrepreneurs. She is a digital entrepreneur and she enjoys driving conversations around the landscape of female entrepreneurship in South Africa.Can you imagine having the passion, drive, talent, and focus to labor not only weeks or months, but sometimes years (and often with nominal financial reward), to create something others can pick up, open, ignore, digest, savor, critique, enjoy, and experience in the form of a published book?

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Now ain’t that sweet! Get it here. Words aren’t just strings of alphabets sewn together with ink. The Turner Ink blog contains rants, bloopers, observations and opinions.

It also has handy tips on grammar and punctuation, and useful ‘how tos’. The International ECHO™ Awards recognize the energy, creativity and perseverance that go into executing an eye-catching and successful campaign. BlueInk Book Review Combo Effective publicity is credibility. A credible book review is necessary for a book’s success.

More than giving you an edge among the rest of the books that are waiting to be recognized, a book review allows you to have an unbiased evaluation about your book and you as an author.

Clients. Below is a list of companies, publications and authors for which Shari has worked or written: Companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

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