Aptis test writing analysis

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Aptis test writing analysis

You will meet this question when you do the practice exam. Read through them and circle the answer you chose. Listen to the message. Listen to the message from Simon.

Where should Ben get off the train?

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Listen to Sandy and Brad. What does Brad decide to do? Listen to the arrangements for an office visit. What is the most important part of the visit? Who or what is the woman describing?

Listen to the airport announcement. Listen to this message from a friend. Find out the best place to park your car. Listen to part of the radio programme. What makes the man angry? The clue is when he says: It would be so easy for them to use litter bins instead.

Two students are discussing their studies. What does the man think of their new teacher? How many cups of water are needed? A guest is talking to a hotel worker. Where is the small coffee shop? The answer is given fairly clearly: On the right of it you should see a sign that says Business Centre One.

Why must the two friends meet one hour before the game starts? Listen and find out what can you see in the Great Hall of a museum. Listen to the announcement about the boat to Green Mountain. D fairly easy You hear an architect talking about her latest project.

Listen and decide what she is designing. When does Peter want to meet Janet? Two colleagues are talking together. Who is Mary describing?normally offer a blend of language skills training e.g.

how to teach writing or speaking, and language systems e.g. grammar, discourse and phonology. Malaysian teachers take the Aptis test twice during the course as placement and end of the course tests. 4. Materials Analysis .

Analysis (High order thinking) Synthesis (High order thinking) Evaluation (High order thinking) Students are required to produce language by writing, speaking or doing something else. Example: Fill in the blanks Short answers. Aptis test.


Proficiency test. Aptis Writing Exam - Analysis, Guidance & Practice. Aptis Speaking Phrases. Aptis Writing Parts _ Environ Protection.

aptis test writing analysis

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Grammar and . This paper describes a study regarding the fairly new APTIS Test (British Council). writing, listening, speaking, and grammar tasks. Nakatani () highlights During the analysis of data. APTIS TRAINING MATERIAL. Welcome to the APTIS Preparation Material You are now nearly ready for your exit-Aptis test.

Congratulations for getting this far The aim of this material is to: 1) Refresh your memory about the procedures, style and presentation of the test.

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